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Watching over your pets and home since 1984
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Satisfied Customers

Hear what our clients have to say about Animal Sitters...

Riley has been the company spokesdog.  He's barking the news - "Animal Sitters is there for you when you need them. Your pets will be happy and secure!"

"I have used Animal Sitters since 2004, and consider them one of my life-lines.  They have been consistently professional and responsible.  I feel 100% at ease when I go away and leave my precious pets in their care.  And I can tell that my pets are happy and secure after I return home."


"When we moved to Florida we needed to find a reliable dog walking service; being bonded was a priority for us.  Finding Animal Sitters has been one of the best things about moving to Florida...It is good to know that when our dogs are walked while we're at work they are enjoying it with people who truly love them.  We recommend Animal Sitters to everyone we know."

Amanda and Stephen - Fort Myers

"So I would say Animal Sitters has added a comfort level that even I did not imagine existed for pet owners.  I love my animals so much and I know that Animal Sitters does also.  Torri has become Aunt Torri, and we have some peace of mind!

Chat and James
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